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Holistic Hemp: Using CBD for Improved Sleep 😴

By :Harry Lang 0 comments
Holistic Hemp: Using CBD for Improved Sleep 😴

Sleep is the human body’s way of resetting and going into a deep state of rest. Many illnesses and lapses in judgment can occur without ample rest, which is why it is always recommended to get at least eight hours of sleep every night to be healthy. Some days, various things can happen and jolt us into a state of anxiety or insomnia, and one night of this can cause issues in a person’s regular programming. 

The benefits of CBD oil address a plethora of issues. One of these is CBD for sleep, and it is one of the most known reasons people use it. Premium CBD oil products can help put the mind at rest and even reduce risks of various mental illnesses, such as dementia, depression, and anxiety. In fact, John Hopkins Medicine states that insomnia is a cause of various ailments that plague human life and can reduce life quality. Here is why CBD for sleep is one of the best uses of the hemp product:

CBD Is an All-Natural Remedy to Insomnia

Those who suffer from mental illnesses and insomnia may be prescribed pharmaceutical medications like benzodiazepines and other sedatives to aid sleep. While some people have decent reactions to these medicines, they are highly addictive and can often be abused by those who access them. 

There is a reason why benzodiazepines and other sleeping aids are not over-the-counter substances. The risk of overdosing and even addiction is high with these lab-based pharmaceuticals. Pills like Valium are a known, dangerous drug that impairs cognitive functionality. While most of these drugs will help people sleep, it doesn’t always equate to quality sleep that a natural sleeping schedule gives off.

CBD oil products have since been used by various people who have been negatively affected by pharmaceuticals’ adverse effects. Research is still somewhat young for this new product, so it’s hard to pinpoint if it is truly one that works as intended. However, the data from various studies already made have put premium CBD oil in a positive light. It is a substance that has proven to be safe and helpful for treating sleeping disorders and ensuring quality sleep. 

REM Sleep and CBD Oil

One of the benefits of CBD oil is that it frequently promoted instances of rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep in patients with Parkinson’s disease. REM sleep is a deep sleep that allows dreams to take place and creates a more rested feeling after waking up. There was a noticeable improvement in the restfulness of all four patients who were administered CBD for sleep. 

There might not be extensive studies yet, but the small number of cases that have analysed CBD oil products’ effects have always shown positive results. In fact, many people are starting to switch to buying these oils and edibles over taking pharmaceuticals that make many feel sluggish and tired post-sleep. 

How to Administer CBD for Sleep

CBD for sleep can be administered via products like oils or CBD gummies for those who dislike hemp’s earthy taste. These edibles make for a nice snack before bed and an easy way to take in the benefits without the oily and new taste. However, if you’re a first time user, stick to the recommended dosage on the product’s packaging to avoid any adverse reactions. Some people might have a higher tolerance to CBD than others, so be sure to consider what type you have purchased because some products have THC mixed into them. 


CBD for sleep is an effective method based on the studies that have been made thus far. There are many benefits of using CBD oil and other variants, as these can ease anxieties and tensions. Purchase this magic hemp product and see the difference today!

Funky Hemp is a purveyor of premium CBD oil and other related CBD products to give people a new life experience. CBD can promote quality sleep and improved feelings and sensations, all in a natural package. View our catalogue to find a complete list of hemp-based supplements. 

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