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Figuring Out the Correct CBD Dosage – Our Guide

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Figuring Out the Correct CBD Dosage – Our Guide

The benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) are well documented by now. Research has shown that it can help soothe pain, improve sleeping habits, reduce anxiety and depression, and lead to healthier circulatory and digestive systems.


CBD won’t get you high, but giving yourself the correct dosage is critical in ensuring you get the intended effects. There is no official recommended dosage, so the right amount of CBD will depend on your body weight, what condition you want to treat, and your current body chemistry.


If you have underlying conditions, be sure to consult with your doctor. He or she will tell you if it’s safe for you to CBD and may also be able to recommend the appropriate dosage. If your doctor doesn’t provide you with this information, it’s better to err on the side of too little. Start out with the smallest dosage you can find and go from there.


Calculating CBD Dosage

Most CBD oils, gummies, and capsules available in the market have their individual dosage printed on the packaging.


CBD oils in dropper bottles will sometimes specify how much CBD is in one drop, but others may just indicate the total amount of CBD in the entire bottle. Take the Funky Spectrum Oil as an example. It’s a 20 ml bottle that contains 2500 mg of CBD overall. One drop is 0.05 ml, so each bottle contains 400 drops, and every drop contains around 6 mg of CBD.


For first time users, an initial dose of 10 mg is recommended. If you don’t feel an effect, you can increase amounts gradually while keeping track of the effects. The average adult ranges between 25 mg to 75 mg of CBD oil for treatment.


You want to reach your minimum effective dose, where you’re taking the most helpful quantity while keeping the dose low and affordable. CBD won’t cause a high, but very heavy doses can cause diarrhoea, appetite changes, and extreme sedation.


Effective CBD Dosage

The recommended CBD dosages for different uses are as follows:


Anxiety – Using CBD oil to treat anxiety and chronic stress may require a moderate to heavy dose. However, it’s best to start with a mild dose first if you’re just starting out. Some people with anxiety disorders find that they are sensitive to CBD. Take CBD oil with your meals, as well as a booster dose 30 minutes before an activity that will trigger your anxiety.


Depression – There is an extended adjustment period to treat depression—it can take several weeks or months of CBD doses before improvement occurs. Take a moderate amount of CBD for two or three weeks and observe your reactions before moving up to heavier doses.


Pain – Mild pain requires mild CBD doses, while severe nerve pain needs heavy doses. If you have arthritis or joint pain, supplement your oil treatment with topical CBD creams.


Sleep – Low doses (below 10 mg) of CBD oil can have a stimulating effect, so you should aim for 20 mg or higher if you want to improve your sleeping habits. CBD oils with lavandin, linalool, bisabolol, or myrcene have more potent sedative effects.



Effective CBD doses vary depending on your body chemistry, weight, and what outcome you want to achieve. Finding the correct dose is a trial and error process that will take some time, but it will definitely be an effort worth undertaking. Soon enough, you’ll find your minimum effective dose and experience all the benefits of regular CBD usage!


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