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CBD Oil: When Is the Best Time of the Day to Take It?

By :Harry Lang 0 comments
CBD Oil: When Is the Best Time of the Day to Take It?

Many use CBD oil for pain, anxiety, depression, and cancer-related symptoms. Since its effects can vary from one person to another, determining when to use it can determine its effectiveness. To make the most out of CBD oil benefits, use this article as your guide to learning more about the best time to take it.


Can I Take CBD Oil Any Time?

CBD oil has different effects on people, and it is taken for various reasons. Some might enjoy a calming effect when they have it in the morning, while others might feel energised by it. Therefore, you can take it throughout the day, but it’s up to you to find the time that works best for you. To do this, you should determine your purpose for consuming it and identify its effects on your body.

For instance, your body produces endocannabinoids, neurotransmitters that attach to cannabinoid receptors in your nervous system. As a result, CBD oil can potentially help you improve your quality of sleep. If you are using it to manage your sleep disorder symptoms, taking it in the morning can make you sleepy and affect your productivity. Therefore, it’s best to take the oil before your bedtime. 

When Is CBD Oil Commonly Taken?

Many CBD oil users take it in the morning to boost their energy levels and help them power through the day. They usually add it to their coffee, juice, or smoothie during breakfast. Some also take small portions of their daily dosage regularly throughout the day to maintain a specific CBD level in their body and manage symptoms of their disease. 

Those who take the CBD oil to help them sleep mix it with serotonin and other agents to improve its effectiveness. They usually consume it at night unless they have to sleep during the day necessarily. Meanwhile, others take it on demand. For example, those who suffer from seizures can experience an attack anytime, so they consume it as soon as needed. 

Is It Better to Take CBD Oil During the Day or Night?

CBD oil promises various health benefits. It’s best to take it during the day if you prioritise starting your day with clarity, being energised with your work out, improving your energy levels, and reducing stress throughout the day. On the other hand, you can opt to use it at night when you need help sleeping, relaxing after a long day of work, and easing your night-time discomfort.

Can I Overdose on CBD Oil?

CBD oil is not toxic. Those who take up to 2,000 milligrams per day didn’t experience any significant side effects. There has also never been a reported case of CBD overdose, so you don’t have to worry about taking too much of it.


How your body reacts to CBD oil is determined by your endocannabinoid system and the product’s terpene profile. While there is no specific best time of the day to take it, you can have better chances of making the most out of it and getting your desired benefits by remembering the information in this guide to determine when is the ideal time for you to use it.

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