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A Closer Look at CBD Oil—What to Expect When Taking It

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A Closer Look at CBD Oil—What to Expect When Taking It

If you’re experiencing negative emotions lately or have trouble sleeping most nights, then one way to cope with your situation is through the use of CBD oil. Many are averse to it, thinking that you’ll get the same “high” as taking cannabis, but it’s safe to say that there’s no chance of that happening through CBD oil. 

Manufacturers make this product using a kind of hemp plant that doesn’t contain the psychoactive compounds commonly found in the marijuana plant. While the plant is low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it is high in CBD. If you want to know the difference between THC and CBD and what happens when you consume them, then keep reading below.


What to Expect When Using Cannabis


Almost anyone who’s familiar with cannabis knows that taking it can leave you feeling high. 


Feeling “high” only happens when you consume cannabis because of its THC content. Once you smoke, eat, or take cannabis in other ways, your vision, ability to process things, and other senses will be significantly affected. In addition, you might start to feel either satisfied or strange for the next few hours, depending on how your body can take it, until the effects wear off. Your sensory perception will also increase due to cannabis consumption.


The Difference Between THC and CBD


Generally, producers of cannabis grow plants that contain several different strains. There are strains high in THC, while there are those with low amounts of THC. Depending on a seller’s target market and objective, they can choose to grow plants with greater THC for consumers looking to experience a more lasting feeling of getting high.


Meanwhile, when sellers focus on producing CBD oil, they will choose plants with the least amount of THC to prevent consumers from having psychoactive effects. After all, THC is the main ingredient that leaves people feeling high.


What to Expect When Using CBD Hemp Oil  


When it comes to taking legitimate CBD oil, they don’t have the same effects as consuming illicit cannabis. The oil derived from the hemp has little to no THC—which means you get the benefits of the cannabis plants without the drawbacks!


Since marijuana is illegal in the UK, each producer of CBD oil needs to have their hemp plants go through a necessary testing procedure to ensure they don’t contain high THC. To maintain the safety of consumers, the UK controls the production of CBD oil distribution to only a few hemp strains approved by the EU with low THC.


All CBD oil and products for sale in the UK are only considered legal if they have 0.2% THC or less. With that amount, you will not experience feeling high even when you try to consume a large amount of CBD in one go.




Now that you know that CBD oil comes from a hemp plant with low THC and high CBD, you don’t have to worry about experiencing the drawbacks associated with illegal cannabis use. Consuming CBD is a good way of dealing with certain health issues, such as anxiety, depression, and acne, along with other benefits. 


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