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6 Reasons to Use CBD Oil for Your Dogs and Cats

By :Dab Hand Group Ltd 1 comments
6 Reasons to Use CBD Oil for Your Dogs and Cats

2021 is characterised by people ditching the old world’s traditions for a new way of living. One of the most mesmerising recent trends of today is the surge of cannabidiol products, specifically CBD oil and similar hemp products. The benefits of CBD oil are incredible, and people have been praising the effects of this fantastic new supplement. 

The cannabis and hemp plants are viewed negatively in the past years because of the drug war; the world is starting to use these products openly. Slowly, many people are beginning to realise that hemp products like premium CBD oil bottles aren’t anything like their THC-containing counterparts at all. Animals typically have sensitive bodies, making a lot of human medications and supplements very potent, which is why CBD oil is one of the better products for your pets. In fact, the lack of a high gives people the full range of benefits, and people are even using it for their furry friends. Here are reasons to use CBD oil products for your dogs and cats:


It Reduces Their Anxiety and Stress

Some people might notice that their dogs and cats are afraid of riding the car or visiting the vet. These can cause their anxieties to spike, which is bad for their heart. However, CBD oil is known to help with human anxiety, so your furry friends will likely feel the calming effects. It’s also all-natural, so it’s not going to be adding extra stress to your pet’s organs as long as you use it sparingly!


It Can Lessen Their Pains

Older dogs and cats can experience some pains over time. While they might have been limber and fit as younger animals, their age can often give them joint pains and other aches just like humans get. They may also have nerve pains from surgeries or accidents, making them whimper or feel hurt when touched. If they’re recovering from any surgical procedure or injury, give them some premium CBD oil to help ease their struggles. 


It Might Lessen Their Epilepsy and Seizures

CBD and hemp products have been known to assist humans with epileptic conditions, which means that they might help your pet if they experience seizures or epilepsy. Too many attacks can be fatal to your dog or cat, as these are often damaging to their brain. Giving them a bit of CBD might do wonders for their overall health. 


It May Reduce Cancer Incidence

Full-spectrum hemp oil effectively reduces cancer patients’ pains and struggles, which is why they are often given weed products. CBD has been observed to discourage tumour growth, but the direct correlation has never explicitly been proven. However, it can act as a lifestyle supplement, offering boosts in vitality and the immune system.


It Can Ease Joint Inflammation

Some dogs may get inflamed joints that can cause pains, and CBD oil is a known anti-inflammatory substance. Taking a bit of it can help ease the pains of arthritis and other ailments like allergies, congestions, and hypersensitivity. 


It Can Help Your Pet’s Appetite

Pets can often have reduced appetite because of certain illnesses and other picky eating habits. However, CBD usually increases gut health and makes their feelings of nausea disappear. They will probably eat more and finish their meals compared to when they’re uncomfortable with what they’re feeling. 


CBD oil for dogs and cats are great products to invest in because they are all-natural and don’t have any known adverse reactions with their bodies. People can safely use it, and some hemp products are optimised for animals. 

Funky Hemp is a purveyor of premium CBD oil and other related CBD products to give people a new life experience. CBD can promote quality sleep and improved feelings and sensations, all in a natural package. View our catalogue to find a complete list of hemp-based supplements. 

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Feb 28, 2021

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